Utility Services in Siwan

Siwan is one of the most important districts of Bihar considering its historical heritage and its eminence as tourist destination. Many eminent personalities of India belong to Siwan, the most prominent among them being, the first president of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, who hailed from Siwan district. Siwan is the administrative headquarters of the district.The entire administration of the district is looked after the District Magistrate who is also the collector of the district. The city as a whole enjoys wholesome services that helps in meeting the basic requirement of the citizens.

Utility services in Siwan

Safety and Security in Siwan

Lack of safety is a major threat that people of present societies are suffering. The Siwan Police holds responsibility of maintaining law and order within the region’s boundaries. It is the government authoritative body which woks to deliver safety and security to population of Siwan. It not only keep an eye on anti social events occurring in the area but also diffuses any kind of tension between different communities. There are numerous police stations established at distinct regions of Siwan. The police authority also carry timely patrolling within the region in order to control the crime rate and deliver smooth and trouble free functioning within the society of Siwan.

District Magistrate and Collector
Phone: Office: 06154-242099
Residence: 06154-242098
Email: [email protected]
Fax: 06154-242348

Superintendent of Police, Siwan
Phone: Office: 06154-242060
Residence: 06154-242366
Email : [email protected]
Fax : 06154-242977

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Siwan Nagar Parishad

Civic administration in SiwanThough it was in 1869 that the Siwan Nagar Palika came into existence, the Government of Bihar decided to term it as Siwan Nagar Parishad in 2001. Any administrative work related to Siwan can be done from this office only. The number of wards in Siwan Nagar Parishad is 38.The unique feature of Siwan Nagar Parishad is that it has retained the charm of yesteryear and at the same time, it is gearing up to meet the challenges of future. Thus Siwan can be referred to as an ancient city but at the same time, is witnessing rapid development to meet the challenges of future. Main role of Siwan Nagar Parishad is issuing of birth and death certificate, trade licences, collection of property and water tax, mobile tower regulation and any construction within the town.

Siwan Nagar Parishad
Address: Siwan - Barhan - Lakari Rd, Chitragupta Nagar, Siwan, Bihar 841227

Chairman, Siwan Nagar Parishad
Contacts: 9801819000, 9431449911

Contacts: 9334460380, 9431407520

Healthcare Services in Siwan

Siwan is one of the well developed districts in Bihar. It has all the amenities of a city. When it comes to healthcare facilities, Siwan has both government and private run hospitals. There are also adequate number of clinics where one can access primary healthcare facilities.The health sector in Siwan works as per the District Health Action Plan or DHAP. It in turn works in accordance with the National Rural Health Mission or NRHM, which is the road map for health sector in villages in India. The DHAP’s objective is to provide health services through hospitals comprising modern facilities and skilled and devoted manpower. It also has special provisions for the health of women and children. What works in DHAP’s favour is that the plan has been prepared the root conditions and challenges of village infrastructure and social conditions. Read More....

Healthcare Services in Siwan

Siwan Sadar Hospital
Address: Hospital Road, Siwan
Phone: 06154-242911

Raiyan Nursing Home
Address: Khan market, Hosptial Road, Siwan
Contact – 9334262013

Dayanand Ayurvedic Medical College and hospital
Address: DAV College More, Siwan - 841226
Phone: 06154-242326, 094312265, 09852992353

Z.H. Unani Medical College & Hospital
Address: Naya Quilla, Navalpur, Siwan( Bihar)
Phone: 09431405354, 9006904600

Dr. Rameshwar Kumar Hospital
Address:Pakthi Road, Goshala Road, Siwan Ho, Siwan - 841226
Phone: + (91)-9006378761

Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital
Address: Hospital Rd, Naya Bazar, Siwan - 841227

Transport in Siwan

The transport facilities of Siwan City are still at a developing stage. Railways and road transport are the main modes of transportation in Siwan. North Eastern Railways pass through Siwan district. Most traders use this route. There is also a short loop-line running between Darundha and Maharajganj.There are no highways in Siwan but a good network of metalled roads offer the required transport. Buses also ply regularly on these roads. A road bridge has been built near Guthani over Saryu river which has facilitated transport facilities.Some of the trains that pass through Siwan Jn Railway Station are Abadh Assam Express, Amarnath Express, ASR KIR Express, Bihar S Kranti, Chhapra Express, Garib Rath Express, Shaheed Express, Vaishali Express, Rapti Sagar Express, Poorabiya Express, Lohit Express, and so on. Read More.......

Banking Services in Siwan

Siwan is a well developed region that holds plenty of economic activities and active lifestyle of the people. For such reasons, there are multiple nationalized and private banks found in the region. All commercial activities are carried with due care and responsibility since most of the major bank players operate in the region. There are also ATM centers developed by branches of different banks to offer full convenience to people living here. One can easily open account in these banks in order to acquire benefits and facilities offered by these institutions. ICICI bank, HDFC Bank, Bank of India, Axis Bank, Bank of Baroda, Punjab National Bank and more such institutions are available in the region to smoothly carry various monetary transactions of the society.

Banking Services in Siwan

State Bank Of India (SBI)
Address: Rajendra Path, Siwan, Bihar
IFSC Code: SBIN0000187
MICR Code: 841002202
Branch Code: 000187
Tel:06154-247649/247192/ 9430626541

Axis Bank
Address: Dwivedy Colony near Head Post Office
Siwan 841226
IFSC Code: UTIB0000766
MICR Code: 841211999
Branch Code: 000766
Tel: 06154 - 243104 /14 /08 Fax: 06154 - 243091, email: [email protected]

Bank Of Baroda (BOB)
Address: Rajendra Path (Chapra Siwan Road) Siwan
Bihar - 841226
MICR Code: 841012202
Branch Code: SIWANX
Tel: 06154-247463

Postal Services in Siwan

In Siwan you can easily find post offices. These are government organized post offices that are responsible to deliver mails and letters to distant places. Presently, the post offices also offer the service to open deposit account by local residents of Siwan in order to provide them with enhanced financial safety on nominal grounds. In addition to this, the postal offices in Siwan offer countless services such as postal savings, money transfer, bonds, parcels, insurance and more. Besides government postal offices, there are also private courier services offered in the region. These services are also reliable to deliver and receive important mails, documents or parcels to and from Siwan. But they are little expensive as they may charge a little high price for delivering or receiving a parcel from distinct places.

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