Emergency Services in Siwan

Unexpected tragedies can happen at any time of life, even while one is traveling. For such reasons, it is of utmost relevance to keep in account all emergency and helpline numbers of the place to which one is travelling.Just like any other big city or place, the district of Siwan holds tailor-made emergency services for local and foreign people. These emergency solutions are available for 24 x 7 need to be immediately consulted during occurrence of any tragic incidence.The various emergency services in Siwan that can be hired by residents as well as outsiders are as follows.

Ambulance Services in Siwan

A mishappnening, like an accident or sudden illness can occur even when you are travelling. And, if you are totally new to a place then surely it is not easy to reach to a hospital directly. In such case, it becomes essential to call for a reliable ambulance for help.There are well-maintained governments as well as private hospitals in Siwan, that not only offer quality services but also good facilities. The doctors and working professionals in these institutes are highly qualified.All of the hospitals in Siwan offer direct ambulance services in Siwan and regions located close to it. So, jot down the contact details of only hospitals in Siwan if you are planning to visit there and want to feel completely safe.

Emergency services in Siwan

Siwan Sadar Hospital
Address: Hospital Road, Siwan
Phone: 06154-242911

Raiyan Nursing Home
Address: Khan market, Hosptial Road, Siwan
Contact – 9334262013

Calcutta Nursing Home
Address: Hospital Road, Siwan
Contact – 243978

Blood Banks in Siwan

Blood Banks in SiwanIn case of a major accident leading to excessive blood loss, surely there will be need of arranging blood bank immediately. There is also a possibility that a hospital do not have the blood of same group that is being required at time of an emergency.So, if any such situation occurs, then no need to panic, as there is a personal blood bank in Siwan, that is well-maintained in order to meet such tragic situations. Sadar Hospital in Siwan has blood bank unit. This is quite small and only blood bank in Siwan, but there are blood banks also available to the district in main city of Patna.So, in case a serious situation has met and the district’s blood bank do not have blood of same group, then one can also opt for the closest option of blood banks in Patna.The details of blood banks in Siwan as well as in Patna are listed below.

Sadar Hospital and Blood Bank
Address: Siwan District
Contact: 9431218340, 06156-224754

Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences
Address: Patna
Contact: 0651-2287099, 287225, 287404

Life Line Blood Bank
Address: G.M. Road, Patna
Contact: 0651-2303025, 9234990509

Chemists in Siwan

Medical stores of chemist shops are the most needed when immediate relief is required from a small or major health issue. There are limited numbers of hospitals present in Siwan but there are ample numbers of medical shops located in the district of Siwan. All chemist stores in Siwan are license and operate under the norms and regulations of Bihar’s government. So, in case you fall ill while travelling to Siwan then you can take the medicine from local chemist stores of the district.

Bihar Medical Stores
Address: Main Siwan District Road, Siwan – 841226
Janki Pharma
Address: Thana Road, Siwan - 841226

Ramesh Medico
Address: Hospital Road, Siwan - 841226

Police Helpline in Siwan

The security and safety of people in Siwan is manage by district police of Siwan. The district police is not only responsible for supervising day to day crimes but also holds duty of providing protection to local and foreign residents in the region.For such reasons, there are ample number of police stations in Siwan thereby pertaining to maintain strict law and order within the region’s boundaries. In case of any criminal activity, molestation, robbery, fight, violence, or burglary, one can contact to any of the police stations listed below.

Chainpur Police Station
Address: Chainpur Main Road, Near Bank of India, Siwan – 841226
Contact: (06154)279452

GB Nagar Police Station
Address: GB Nagar, Tarwara, Near Tarwara bus Stand, Siwan – 841226
Contact: (06154)271832

Maffassil Police Station
Address: Siwan Main Road, Near Maffassil Circle Bus Stop, Siwan – 841226
Contact: (06154)242863

Women Helpline in Siwan

With increasing criminal offences against ladies, not only big cities but even small regions have directed their consideration towards women safety. Eve teasing, rape, molestation, dowry, domestic violence is issues of concern against women.In order to bring stop to such activities and provide females of Siwan with a life full of pride and respect, the department of Siwan has organized a women development corporation in Siwan.This corporation is named as the Red Cross Society and is responsible to provide safety to women in Siwan as well as other regions, districts and towns located close to it.

Women Helpline Siwan, Red Cross Siwan
Contact Person: Mrs. Usha Kiran (CDPO)
Contact Number: 9771468030

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