Cuisines of Siwan

Siwan is a small city located in Bihar, but just like any other city, even this place has diverse cuisines to offer. Traditional methods of cooking prevail in the region and this is what that provides unique taste and rich flavors to the food prepared. The basic food made here is simple but you can enjoy spicy, rich flavors of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes if you come here. As Siwan shares its geographic boundaries with Uttar Pradesh and Nepal influence of food cultures of both the region is evident in Siwan.The food habits of different dynasties of the regions jumbled up and finally embedded into the rich cuisine of Siwan. So, if you come here then surely food is something that you will surely going to enjoy and love.

Traditional Cuisine of Siwan

Most people of Siwan prefer the pure and simple vegetarian food that consists of dal (lentils), bhat (Rice), Roti (bread), achar (Pickels) and sabji (vegetables).Khichdi, the mix of boiled rice and lentils, flavored with spices is greatly enjoyed with thick curd, papads, chutney and pickels. Another traditional recipe of Chokha (steamed mashed potatoes, flavored with chopped onions and spices) constitutes a daily diet for maximum number of people.

Cuisines of Siwan

Siwan is greatly blessed with rivers and fertile scales and therefore rice constitutes as their staple food. Shali rice, Basmati rice and Shah Pasand rice are most preferred and served in this region.Since, rice is the staple food so, it is cooked in plenty of different forms to add more taste and bring out unique flavors with it. Dhuska (deep fried powdered rice mixed with ghee), Choora (Beaten rice seasoned with jiggery or sugar) are few of the mouthwatering items prepared with rice.Kadhi, another famous cuisine of Siwan is served with cabbage or pakora (prepared with besan) and is one of the most tempting dishes herein. It is eaten with rice but can also be enjoyed with roti.

Snacks in Siwan

Samosa, Kachori, Samosa Chaat, Bhunjia and Bhurta are some of the major snacks served in the region. All these snacks are seasoned with real spices and are extremely lip smacking.Besides these, the famous snack named Jhal Moori, which is steamed rice with peanuts, sprouts and green chilies, is served in major part. When talking about Siwan cuisine then the popular Sattu, which is flour of roasted grams cannot be left unspoken. Sattu is immensely high in nutritional value and is a high energy giving food that is consumed by most of the population of Siwan.There are also numerous tempting dishes prepared with it. Litti Chokha prepared with Sattu and served with brinjal and mashed potatoes forms a perfect dining plats of the region. Special ‘sattu ki roti’ named as Makuni roti are greatly enjoyed here and you can taste them from any local dhaba or so.

Ceremonial Food Items of Siwan

Sweets of SiwanThe cuisine of Siwan is not only limited to the traditional recipes. There is exceedingly tasteful food prepared especially during a ceremony or puja. Pittha, Ghugni are other rich traditional recipes of Siwan that are rich in taste and extremely nutritious. Pua, is a sweet tasting dish prepared during ceremony or puja with powdered rice, sugar, milk, honey and ghee. Its variant Malpua is even richer in taste and can be enjoyed only during special occasions. Makhana is another sort of ceremonial dish, which is mixed with sugar and milk and taken as kheer. This is a tempting delicacy of Siwan, which you will surely love.Chiwra or Chura Dahi is prepared with mixture of beaten rice, sugar and jaggery and forms a major breakfast item of Siwan cuisine.

Sweets of Siwan

Food in Siwan is incomplete without it really, lip-smacking sweets. All sorts of sweets can be enjoyed in this area. These delicacies are made with pure ghee and can be little expensive on pocket as compared to the traditional food items, but then they are worth it. Motichoor ka Ladoo, Anaras, Kala Jamun, Balushai, Parwai ki Mithai, Belgarmi, Khubi ka Lai, Chenna Murki, Murabba, and Kesaria Peda are some of the most amazingly tasty sweets famous in Siwan. The Tilkut and Murabba are so much preferred that they are even locally prepared at homes.Some of these dishes owe their origin from towns, like Ladoo is from Bihar Sharif, Khubi ka Lai from Barh, Kesaria Peda and Tilkut from Gaya, Kala Jamun from Vikram and Khaja from Silao Nalanda. The taste of all sweets offered here is amazing and they are prepared with use of natural ingredients only. Most of these sweets can be enjoyed from local sweet shops, or there are closely located big restaurants also available that can be looked on.

Non-Vegetarian Cuisine of Siwan

There is not a big list of non-vegetarian food items available but what all is served is truly mouthwatering. Bihari kebabs, mutton biryani, tandoori chicken and kela machali are some of the popular non-vegetarian items embedded in Siwan cuisine.

Siwan is known for its local dhabas where rich, good quality food is served at affordable rates. There are not much restaurants available in the district but being close to the major city, Patna one can surely enjoy amazing food of Siwan there.The interiors of Siwan are inclusive of small restaurants, local sweet shops and dhabas all of which serve food of tremendous quality and flavors. Even these are exact places where real flavors of Siwan’s cuisine can be enjoyed to fullest.Drinks can be enjoyed in the district only from local ‘thekkas’ or drink shops that are located in local markets only. So, visit Siwan if you really want to enjoy the traditional food dishes of ultimate Siwan cuisine.

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