Siwan City Guide

Siwan is one of the most historically significant region in the state of Bihar. Siwan has made rich contributions in ancient as well as modern history of India. Notably, it is also the birth place of the first president of India Rajendra Prasad. It also has many famous noteworthy places for people from all walks of life and of varying interests. Places like Korara, which has the first Sai temple and Don which has a famous Stupa called Drona Stupa are located in Siwan. According to Mahabharata one of the central Characters, Dronacharaya, had a connection with Don. Other famous places include the Shiva Temples in Sohagara and Mehandar, which is also known for its Vishwakarma Temple. The speciality of these places is the famous celebrations that take place during Shivaratri and Vishwakarma Puja. In addition to all these places there is also the Maharajganj Area where famous Indian freedom Fighter Sh. Phulena Prasad centralized his activities and protested against the British. Siwan is indeed a plethora of knowle

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